When Time Stood Still

It was a wonderful time we had at Open Studio, Northcote, yesterday afternoon, travelling to Ireland and back via folklore and legend, while the rest of Melbourne jubilantly celebrated a story of a very different kind – as the Western Bulldogs brought home the Cup at the AFL Grand Final.

Open Studio is such an ambient space for telling and listening to stories. Thanks to Tania Bosak for giving me a spot and for her encouragement to come again. This place also has special significance for me, as it is across the road from Northcote Town Hall, where my beloved grandfather, Tom Walsh, served on council for 14 years and was mayor twice. Having imagined performing there many times, when I have attended the fabulous live music events they produce, it was a joy to realise a dream and invite others into the stories there.

My warmest thanks to: Anna and Natasha, who looked after the venue, bar and crepes; Tom Rogers for teching sound; Dayle Walker for Front of House and Paul Gorman for taking photos.

Thanks to all of you who came along for the stories. Many of you have become regulars, but there were also some new faces in the audience and going by the feedback there was something for everyone in the stories served up. It was great to chat to you all after the show and hear how the different stories sparked your interest. I know at least one audience member was heading home to tell the stories to her children. Being an adult audience, it was also great to hear how much these stories still are meaningful and powerful for all ages, which is why I love them and will keep telling them. The lovely Jo Windred particularly liked my telling of an Irish legend developed from a portion of the epic saga of The Táin Bó Cúailnge, or The Cattle Raid of Cooley. She said she felt that ‘time stood still’ and was keen to hear more legends. With pleasure, Jo!

A few people asked about being added to my mailing list for future events and you can contact me at: dracohearth@gmail.com and just put MAILING LIST in the title of the email and I’ll add you for the next mail out.

Thanks again to Open Studio and all those who came to enjoy the stories with me!


Thanks to Debbie Rawlings for this photo.